Become A Brotzeit® Franchisee

One of the world’s leading and highly awarded franchised German casual dining concepts, Brotzeit® currently operates 9 restaurants in 5 countries, four of which are corporate owned, located in Singapore (HQ).

Brotzeit® is focused on organic and sustainable business growth by working in partnership with strategic area developers.

A partnership with Brotzeit® is a two-way street.
While we require any franchisee prospect to dispose of strong business accumen and a solid capital base to support daily operations and future expansion efforts, you can expect a dedicated, highly skilled management team with decades of international F&B experience to facilitate your path to economic success with our brand.

What you can expect from a Brotzeit® Franchise

  • Unique Concept: The only contemporary, franchised German dining concept in the world.
  • Affordable upfront fees: Strong focus on long-term sustainability and profitability for franchisees.
  • Easy Setup: Plug-and-Play systems and a complete set of operating manuals ease your start-up process with us.
  • Quick return of investment: Top of industry sales performance and excellent levels of profitability.
  • Extensive Guidance: A dedicated highly experienced team stands at your disposal to guide and support you in reaching your goals.
  • Proprietary Items: Brotzeit has developed various products, Intellectual Properties, and equipment that are proprietary and specifically design for Brotzeit systems. These include but are not limited to:
    • Powerful Point-of-Sales + Loyalty program bundle.
    • Proprietary recipes.
    • Internationally protected trademark.
    • Strategic supply appliances.

General Enquiries

Strong business accumen
Experience In Operating F&B/Retail
(on-board your team)

Multi-Unit Development Plan
[Minimum 3 outlets]

A Minimum, Available Capital Base Of $800,000 USD


Besides a strong capital base to support daily operations and agreed expansion efforts, you will need to dispose of strong, local market know-how, and a strong business support network.
To succeed in the market of your choosing, you will further need to have a good understanding of consumer preferences a as well as the necessary business experience to overcome challanges related to licensing/gov, labour law and procurement matters.

We consider all our Franchisees as our friends! A good cultural fit with our brand and our management team is important to us.

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