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Experience Authentic German Cuisine at Home with Brotzeit’s Delivery Service

Indulge in the rich flavours of German cuisine without leaving your home with Brotzeit’s convenient islandwide delivery or self-pick-up options. Whether you’re craving hearty sausages, flavorful schnitzels, or traditional pretzels, Brotzeit ensures a delightful dining experience delivered straight to your doorstep.

Why Choose Brotzeit’s Delivery Service?

  1. Authentic German Fare: Savour the essence of Germany with every bite. Our menu features a wide array of classic dishes crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.

  2. Convenient Ordering: Ordering is quick and easy. Simply click the link below, select your favourites from our menu, and select either delivery or self-pick-up to suit your preference.

  3. Islandwide Delivery: Enjoy our delectable dishes anywhere on the island with our efficient islandwide delivery service. Experience the taste of Germany wherever you are.

  4. Special Offer for Pick-Up: Take advantage of our exclusive 15% discount on pick-up orders (valid for food only) until September 30th. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favourite German meals at a great price.

How to Order

Click the link below to explore our menu and place your order online. Whether you’re planning a cosy night in or hosting a small gathering, Brotzeit’s delivery service easily brings the flavours of Germany to your table.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your dining experience at home. Order from Brotzeit today and treat yourself to authentic German cuisine without stepping outside.

Brotzeit Islandwide Food Delivery,Brotzeit Delivery,german food,sausage


Applicable for Food only, valid from 1 June – 30 September 2024

Brotzeit Islandwide Food Delivery,Brotzeit Delivery,german food,sausage

Sommer Grill Platte

$98 (good for 3-4 persons)

Gather your friends and family and dive into the ultimate summer feast with Brotzeit’s Sommer Grill Platte, perfect for 3-4 people to share. This mouthwatering platter features an array of deliciously grilled meats and sides that capture the essence of summer dining.

Indulge in the rich flavours of sticky soy-glazed pork ribs, savour the buttermilk-marinated chicken breast skewer, and enjoy the spicy kick of the Cajun-spiced chicken leg skewer. Our BBQ sauce-glazed pork belly skewer and a selection of traditional Thuringer and Nurnberger sausages add a hearty touch to this summer spread. Complementing these meaty delights are garlic bread, oven-baked potato with sour cream, and sweet, juicy corn on the cob.

Brotzeit Islandwide Food Delivery,Brotzeit Delivery,german food,sausage

Signature Brotzeit Platter

$138 (good for 4 – 6 persons)

Germans take great pride and delight in sharing savoury meats with friends & family. But with Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant’s authentic meat and sausage platters,  you are now able to do the same in Singapore and have one of the best culinary experiences with your loved ones.

One of our iconic creations, you cannot miss out on eating our Signature Brotzeitplatte platter. Suitable for sharing with 4-6 of your family members or friends, this legendary dish comprises pork knuckle, honey-glazed pork ribs, pork schnitzels, a premium sausage selection, potato salad and sauerkraut. For meat, pork and sausage lovers, this is simply a feast to die for.

Brotzeit Islandwide Food Delivery,Brotzeit Delivery,german food,sausage

Signature Pork Knuckle

There are crispy pork knuckles and there a crispy pork knuckles; we think that 18 years and more than a million knuckles served give us the right to claim mastery of this iconic German dish. Is it the German pork or the German beer marinade that makes all the difference?

Classically served with Sauerkraut and potato salad it is best enjoyed with a large glass of cold German beer.

Brotzeit Islandwide Food Delivery,Brotzeit Delivery,german food,sausage

Truly Memorable Gifts with Brotzeit Delivery

  • Brotzeit not only has delivery service for German food but beverages too. We carry a wide range of German Schnaps, Whisky and Rum at retail prices. Simply order online and arrange for delivery or pick-up at one of our Brotzeit stores in Singapore.
  • Perfect gifts for any occasion.
  • Not applicable with other promotions, discounts, and offers.

Buy Online for German Food Delivery

Make your order online, set a delivery time and wait for your classic German favourites to be delivered to your doorstep ready to be served for your family. You can also pick up your order at our outlets at Katong, Vivocity, Westgate or Raffles City.