Delicious German Pork Knuckle in Singapore

Of the many things Germans have perfected, pork roast is right up there. And the key to this meaty art is, without a doubt, the best sort of crackling on the skin – something most recipes fall short on with fried pork knuckles. At Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant in Singapore, we’ve cracked the code. Impossibly tender, juicy pork meat that falls off the bone, all wrapped in crispy crackling skin: our slow roasted hind-leg pork knuckle is a dish designed to impress even the pickiest of palates.

Served with authentic sauerkraut, potato salad and a richly-flavoured beer gravy, it is a culinary feat that we’ve mastered. Best enjoyed with beer, one bite is all it takes for you to fall heads over heels in love with this classic German rendition. Craving for crispy pork knuckles? Head down to the nearest Brotzeit outlet in Singapore, or make a reservation now.

A Toast to the Best Pork Knuckles in Singapore

Any German beers would go well with our signature roast pork knuckles, but for a truly stellar pairing, opt for a lighter beer that’s full of flavour. Stiftungsbräu Stiftung Hell Lager and Erdinger Weißbier are some of the best beers that elevates the aroma and flavour of the savoury main dish. Light yet full of flavour, every gulp of the pale-golden beverage refreshes the palate beautifully, slides down smoothly, and the light effervescent cuts through the fatty glistenings of the juicy pork.

Pig out to your heart’s content with the best German food in Singapore. And don’t forget to check out our drinks menu!

Experience a Pork-a-licious Dining Experience

If you’re a fan of authentic German cuisine, look no further than Brotzeit. From seasonal exclusives that bring you the most latest German delicacies in town to crowd favourites (apart from our aromatic pork knuckles, ala German style) such as our selection of premium sausages, you’ll never fall short of exciting dining experiences right in Singapore.

Prefer to stay home instead? Buy our German pork knuckles and other dishes online and enjoy fuss-free delivery no matter where you are. Love our food? Become a Brotzeit Stammtisch member and enjoy amazing perks such as unlimited free beer on your birthday!

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