Enjoy Authentic German Sausage Dishes At Brotzeit

German cuisine is famous for sausages and they are considered an important aspect of Germany’s culture. A means of preservation for meats in the past, buying sausages to pair with sauces have become a staple for Germans over the years. Brotzeit honours its German heritage by producing high-quality sausage dishes such as bratwurst and currywurst. With that promise in place, you can rest assured that we take our sausages seriously and dig into authentic meals right here in Singapore at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

What German Sausage Dishes Should I Order?

A top seller, Brotzeit’s Würstelplatte Sausage Platter is a dish that is always in demand with our customers in Singapore. Containing a selection of Nürnberger sausages, a farmer’s sausage, a Thüringer sausage, a spicy chicken sausage served with red cabbage, sauerkraut and roast potatoes. Paired well with a big mug of Erdinger Weißbier, this combination is a match made in heaven and ideal for sharing amongst a group of friends or family members. After emptying the dish clean, nothing is more satisfying than to wash it all down with a glass of Freihof 1885 Raspberry Schnaps. For platter lovers, consider ordering from our extensive range of German meat platters the next time you dine with us.

Another German sausage dish that is simply to die for is our Thüringer Rostbratwurst, or Thüringer Pork Sausage. If you love bratwurst and hot dogs, you will surely revel in the Rostbratwurst’s flavourful goodness that is known to pack a punch for those who taste it. Pork connoisseurs will also enjoy devouring and wolfing down the Nürnberger pork sausages that are grilled to culinary perfection. Popular with kids, the Geräucherte Hühnerkäsewürstchen, or Smoked Chicken-cheese Sausages are a must-try for those who love rich flavour profiles. One of the finest sausage dishes on our menu, the Bauernwurst, or Farmer’s Sausage is for those who like their dishes simple yet chock-full with hearty, mouth-watering flavour.

Savour German Sausages From Your Home

With our new delivery service, you can order and buy your favourite German bratwurst dishes online. Enjoying authentic dishes couldn’t be easier - all you have to do is to click, have it delivered to your doorstep and dig in!

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