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Where is the German North Sea Coast?

The North Sea region is one of Germany’s best-kept secrets. While the area’s wonderful treasures are well known among locals, few foreign tourists venture into the North Sea, but those who do are rewarded with the experience of a lifetime. Tucked away in the north-western corner of the country, this vast region is a dream come true for lovers of nature, adventure, and open spaces. The North Sea region is dotted with picture-perfect fine sand beaches, extensive wetlands and mudflats, and charming towns and villages. The natural beauty of this area is complemented by a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, an impressive range of culinary delights, and a superb accommodation offer.

What to see and do!

The North Sea region is located within Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony states. Throughout history, Romans and Saxons left their imprint on the local towns and villages, and for centuries this region was an important crossroads for merchants from all over Europe. Today, the North Sea is a sparsely populated region whose lowlands, rolling hills, and magnificent coastline lend themselves to leisurely exploration.


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Sion Kölsh

0.2L $7.50 | 0.2L x 11 $70 | 3L $85

Alc: 4.8% vol. | CH/100ml: 2.4g | Original wort: 11.3 P | Kcal/Kj 100ml: 40|167

The art of brewing is the art of creating something special with the few ingredients prescribed by the Purity Law and the Kölsch Convention. Pure water from own well, top-fermenting yeast from own pure breeding, the best barley and wheat malt, and selected hops.

Appearance: Light yellow, brilliantly clear

Taste: Tangy and fresh

Dortmunder Export

0.3L $11 | 0.5L $15 | 3L $81

Alc: 5% vol. | CH/100ml: 3g | Original wort: 11.8 P | Kcal/Kj 100ml: 46|191

This is the story of a beer style that was discovered more or less by accident: when they started exporting their award-winning brew to the farthest corners on the planet, they brewed a stronger, hoppier concentrate that was supposed to be diluted with water at its destination.

They soon found out, that our beer wasn’t diluted after all, and consumers loved the extra hoppy flavours of our brew. This changed the beer world forever and laid a foundation for the world-famous Dortmunder Export beer style we know today.

Appearance: Pale-Gold

Taste: Slim and elegant, fine sparkling, full taste