11 April - 23 June 2024

The return of the exclusively-seasonal and highly-anticipated white asparagus menu comes through the multitude of classic Bavarian favourites served at Brotzeit. Touted by Germans as “White Gold”, Brotzeit brings the fever to Singapore shores from 11 April to 23 June 2024.  Compared to its greener and more familiar counterpart, the white asparagus draws a much softer texture with a subtle and delicate flavour that’s sweet with just a hint of bitterness. It’s no wonder Germany’s underground King of Vegetables has a season named after it!

Spargelzeit, directly translated to mean Asparagus Time, spans from approximately mid-April to mid-June each year, when the white asparagus is exclusively in season. Marking the end of winter and the arrival of spring, white asparagus season is an integral part of German culture, where festivals are held across the country, with pop-up stalls appearing all around towns and villages.

Brotzeit’s white asparagus is hand-picked and flown directly from European farms, delicately prepared to ensure freshness and flavour and maximum retention of its nutritional benefits. Representing a piece of home for Germans to enjoy in Singapore.

Weekend Brunch


Indulge in a delectable weekend affair with Brotzeit’s Special White Asparagus Brunch! Join us every Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday for a gastronomic journey featuring free-flow food and beverages, highlighting the exquisite flavours of seasonal white asparagus. Savour each bite of our specially curated brunch menu while enjoying endless pours of refreshing drinks. 

Available from 11AM – 3PM.
This offer is not valid in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, privilege cards or others.

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Food Highlights

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Poached lightly to bring out the natural sweetness of the white asparagus, Der Spargel-Klassiker (Classic White Asparagus, $30) is served drizzled with a delectable hollandaise sauce.  Complementing its pure taste, the dish comes served with soft parsley potatoes.

It is also available with honey-baked ham, black forest ham, and smoked salmon.

Fun fact: While Singaporeans seem to enjoy their white asparagus with hollandaise sauce, most Germans traditionally prefer it with brown butter vinaigrette.

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For larger groups, check out the Spargel Frühlingsplatte (White Asparagus Platter, $98), a platter of classic white asparagus (400g) served with a combination of Pork Schnitzel, Wild-garlic Pork Bratwurst, Black-forest ham, Honey-baked ham, and parsley potatoes with sauce hollandaise. Best pair with 3L Köstritzer Kellerbier ($90).

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A new entry for this spring season is Bärlauch Bratwurst ($25), a 250g Wild-garlic pork bratwurst served with potato salad and sauerkraut.

Do you know?
Wild Garlic, also known as Ramson or Bear garlic, is a wild relative of onion and garlic found in moist woodland in Europe and Asia.

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We are partnering with Greehood, Singapore’s first vertical-farming greenhouse built on a HDB MSCP rooftop in Hougang. This 5.3m tall hi-tech farm offers 100% pesticide-free, locally grown greens.

Check out here for more info.

The Beer

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An unfiltered, bottom-fermented speciality beer for true beer enthusiasts.  Full-flavoured and naturally cloudy, Köstritzer Kellerbier brings a taste sensation that’s rooted in old-time brewing tradition. The incomparable character comes from using the best raw ingredients, like speciality and roasted malts, as well as carefully-selected hops.

Appearance: Amber in colour, with a natural cloudiness and a lasting creamy foam head with extra-fine bubbles.

Aroma: Malty and fruity, with notes of cereal grains, farm-baked bread and roasted chestnuts, as well as ripe apples and mountain herbs.

Flavour: A multi-faceted taste combining malty sweetness with bittersweet notes of hops. Unfiltered and naturally conditioned, this beer is gloriously elegant on the palate. Full-flavoured with a gentle tingle on the tongue.

The Wine

27 11 Brotzeit Singapore

WILD Weißburgunder

In order to give the Pinot Blanc more body and aroma, it is left to macerate for 6-8 hours. This long contact time between the juice and the solid grape components makes the Pinot Blanc very dense and concentrated. Intense fruit aromas of peaches, passion fruit and citrus are unleashed in the bouquet. The full-bodied aroma is surrounded by citrus fruits and passion fruit and is minerally on the palate with a lot of melt and a long finish. 

Nose : Scent of peaches, passion fruit, citrus, intense fruit aromas

Taste: The full-bodied aroma is surrounded by citrus fruits and passion fruit and is minerally and very creamy on the palate

Finish: long finish

Asparagus at Home

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Enjoy the White Gold at home.

Get the Fresh Asparagus delivered to your home.

Event and Corporate Bookings

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If you’re looking for a venue for your company or with friends or families, look no further than Brotzeit®.

Since our four outlets cover the island, you can choose the location most convenient for you and your guests.

  • VivoCity: Original and Largest outlet with indoor and outdoor seating offering a stunning Sentosa view.
  • Raffles City: Centrally located with city vibes.
  • Katong: Smallest but sizeable outlet in the heritage-rich east.
  • Westgate: Popular after-work hangout in Jurong East CBD.

Check out the Seasonal Event Deck here.

Good to know!

What makes a German’s heart sing with joy? Asparagus, mountains of buttery, white asparagus. During Spargelzeit—’asparagus time’, which starts sometime in April but ends exactly on June 24th—Germans eat their way through 125,000 tonnes (138,000 tons) of the stuff, half of which is bought at roadside stands or in markets.

When Germans started liking asparagus

The Romans adored asparagus and even had runners take baskets of the vegetable into the Alps to be frozen for use later in the year. It arrived in Germany via the monasteries sometime in the 1540s.

White asparagus, often called the ‘royal vegetable’, ‘white gold’ or ‘edible ivory’, is the exact same vegetable as green asparagus. The difference in colour is due to the green one growing in the traditional way above ground (therefore exposed to light) and the white one maturing underground. No photosynthesis means no green colour.

Many Germans prefer the white variety because it is thought to be more tender and less bitter. The stalks are generally thicker and longer than the green version, which has tougher skin that makes it unpalatable. Thankfully, many German supermarkets have machines on site that do all the peeling for you.

How Germans like to eat asparagus

As for how to eat the popular vegetable, there are as many methods as there are people cooking it. Some traditional German restaurants often have a special menu designed just for the asparagus season. The classic recipe involves either hollandaise sauce or cooking the asparagus in broth with a bit of ham or bacon. But really, there is no such thing as inappropriate use of Spargel. Take whatever food you like, put some asparagus on top or beside it, and voilà!

Of course, something as important as asparagus isn’t just for eating. In the parts of Germany where the vegetable is grown, gourmet asparagus hikes abound. Like a wine tour, participants walk around to different farms trying various dishes and legendary zippy asparagus schnapps.

Why Germans love asparagus more than any other food

As with most food-related things, the why is (and probably will always remain) a mystery. Some people just love the taste or that the vegetable’s appearance reminds them of sunshine and the year’s first harvest. For most people, asparagus is all about nostalgia—it reminds them of their time as a child when they peeled, cooked, and finally ate asparagus with their family.

The article is taken from The Culture Trip